Customize a Cover for Your iPad Restaurant Menu

Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in DOOH

There is a great site out there which allows you to create a customized cover for your iPad, Kindle or Nook.Because we promote the use of tablets for business use, specifically for use in restaurants and other venues which offer drinks and food on a menu. The company offering the customizable covers for tablet PCs is M-Edge. The company has a number of pre-configured cases you can use, but they also give you the ability to customize your case. In the case of a restaurant, this means you can customize each case relative to the theme of your business. It include a specific company logo, pictures of menu items.

More specifically, there is a downloadable application which allows users to input or upload a high-res photo or artwork which are then printed on a cotton canvas which becomes the case cover. The interior of the case is made of a nice “microsuede.” The spine between the two sides of your chosen prints is either chestnut or black leather.

The cases deliver in two to three weeks, which isn’t too bad if you are keen on waiting a little bit (we’re so used to having products overnighted). The covers for the custom iPad restaurant menu will run you $50. They are available for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 devices.

This could be very helpful in preserving the hardware for your handheld digital menu if you intend a lot of people using it. Based on the specifications, the menu covers may also work with other knock-off brands which we are currently providing as well. M-Edge actually has an application for designing the cover right from your tablet. So you can download the app, create the cover with your iPad itself and then submit your design for creation.

I’ve not seen the covers, but they have received some very good reviews online from several highly trafficked blogs.

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