Creativity with no Limits: Digital Signage

Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Advertising, Displays

Often, we get caught up in the practical matters of digital signage and merely think about ways to redo what we have been doing with just a slight twist brought about by LCDs, LEDs, and plasma screens with rolling scrolls and fancy digital clocks. Sure, improving incrementally in this fashion is fine; however, sometimes you simply have to go big in order to take full advantage of cutting-edge technology.

The folks at the Munich Airport appreciate the fast pace of technology and have gone huge with their Meta Twist Tower, a next-gen billboard that its maker, 3M GTG, describes as being a “Swiss Army Knife of a digital billboard.” While obviously, your business (probably) does not need something comparable to this 10.6-meter tall triangular tower that consists of three independently rotating layers, each with a trio of screen panels and nine LED modules, a viewing of it in action should help you understand that there are no limits, visually speaking, when it comes to digital signage.

The way the Meta Twist Tower displays information in a shape-shifting transformer kind of way is simply beautiful, perhaps even magical. You need to watch the tower’s 41 square meters of overall LED-surface in action to know that, while you must consider going small with your digital signage campaign, as effectively argued in this previous post, to ensure that you get the proper return on your advertising investment, you should not be afraid to truly stretch beyond that, which is your norm.

Location and Quality Content

You have got many things to consider when you are designing your digital signage campaign even if you are not going to display your advertisements in the center of the Munich airport. The two most important factors that will determine the success of your digital signs are their locations and their content. Simply put, if the right people do not see your signs, they will not bring you new business. Just as if your content does not grab and keep people’s attention, it will not drive new customers and clients to your business either.

When it comes to location, you need to go for a high-traffic area, though these are more expensive to rent. In conjunction with this, the right demographics need to pass through this area as well. For example, if you are sell baby clothes, having a digital sign on a university campus makes little sense regardless of how high the traffic might be.

We here at Deploid can help you find the right places to post your digital signs and create for your signs the quality content that builds business. Contact us today at Deploid.

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