Corporate Uses for the iPad

Posted by on Mar 15, 2011 in Hardware, Software

It always amazes me that when Microsoft comes out with a product they usually find a corporate use for it (unless of course you’re talking about the Xbox) and then consumers slowly adopt. When Apple releases something, the coolness factor takes it to the masses, then we start having people say, “I bet we could use this in a business setting.”

For instance, a friend of mine worked as an assistant for a orthopedic surgeon who was constantly using his iPod for Podcasts, lecture notes and to jam out to Led Zeppelin when he was cutting people open. He said it helped him get in the zone and relax.

I have been thinking lately about the various ways in which the iPad could be used outside of standard everyday uses. Here are 10 Business uses for the Apple iPad.

1) Hospitality — One of my favorite uses for the tablet PCs is its use as an iPad restaurant menu.

2) Outside Sales Reps – We have a few reps who have purchased tablet devices (not Apple iPads—mostly because they are less compatible with Adobe Flash) and who use them to show customers their digital production skills.

3) Insurance Agents – Similar to general sales agents, the iPad makes for a quick way to give out price quotes, adjustments and fix claims while out and about.

4) Real Estate – Agents and reps have the ability to access high resolution photos remotely of any property they are intent on selling, not to mention all the other real estate apps and applications you can access with the device. Does Zillow ring a bell?

5) IT professionals – This goes without saying. This list for uses here could go on and on.

6) Legal Professionals – Think about being able to do a Nexis-Lexis search from the courthouse. Of course, the iPad could be an image booster if a local lawyer is looking for that…

7) Healthcare – So many potential applications here. One that readily comes to mind is radiology.

8) Financiers–Some of the first users of computers were people in finance who used VisiCalc to do somewhat difficult finance problems. With an Apple iPad (while not the easiest way of doing them) there is certainly an app for that.

9) Education – On campus, off campus, campus workers, teachers, students (not corporate related) all can find uses for an iPad.

10) Anyone who works remote – Police, Fire, construction and even farmers track weather and crop yields using Apple iPads. You name it. It’s like the combination of a smartphone and laptop, perfect for being productive or…wasting time, it’s your choice.

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