“Cinematic Internet” at ConnectedTV.Yahoo.Com

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in DOOH

This is a great example of how digital out-of-home will aid digital on-the-couch. In fact, just this week our news aggregator picked up an article outlining how digital out-of-home will save digital in-the-home.  More specifically, search engine Yahoo has started a service called ConnectedTV. It utilizes controllable TV widgets able to display real-time information on subjects and topics that matter to consumers, placing the control back in the hands of viewers. Where the technology can benefit a business environment, it eventually can be taken to the masses. Yahoo’s Connected TV is simply only one example of where digital signage is headed.

Television sets now supporting Internet protocols allow for Internet content to be viewed via television. Not necessarily a revolutionary idea, but an idea somewhat untried, untested, and un-standardized. Yahoo calls it “Cinematic Internet.” In fact, they’ve even trademarked the term. Their website gives a little more insight:

“The Cinematic Internet is Yahoo!’s vision for the emerging world of Internet-connected TV—combining the Internet’s choice, community, and personalization with the power of television. This combination will transform traditional TV into something bigger, better, and more exciting than ever. Yahoo! and our partners are working on rich TV Widgets that will bring the Cinematic Internet to life.”

Yahoo’s ConnectedTV is only one example of how advertisers are working to connect with consumers while still giving them control of what they see. The consumer media player market will assuredly benefit from digital signage technologies. When consumers start using media players that have day-parting capabilities, screen zones, and different widgets, it may be wise have Yahoo mingle conversations some digital signage software providers for some advice (Roku has already been working with Netflix in this regard). It appears as though Yahoo has partnered with AT&T, Sony, Tivo, Intel, Samsung, VIzio, and LG. Did anyone get excluded in that list? The partners are obviously abreast of the possibilities of the “Four Screen” world (or “three screen” if computer/television lines continue to blur). The consumer media player market will certainly have a substantial amount of initial entrants, but surely digital signage will aid in moving the technology from infancy to maturity.

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