Hundreds of FREE, professionally designed templates for Digital Signage posted…

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Hundreds of FREE, professionally designed templates for Digital Signage posted… We just added over 300+ new shared scenes and over 225+ shared resources to release 4.0. These include food menu boards, directories and lots of other professionally designed content, all fully editable. Open your FREE account at and click file > get resources or […]

MediaSignage Inc has a new address:

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MediaSignage now has a new web address: Same great product, same amazing pricing (well FREE), just another web address so you can’t forget us So come visit us at our new web address: and if you forget, no worries, we set up redirects so you always land where you need to be.

Is AV Losing the Digital Signage Battle to IT?

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When you get the likes of Intel, Microsoft, HP, Sony and Google doing very serious poking around into the digital signage industry, you certainly get some extremely bright talent, coupled with a lot of clams and assets to back it up. However, there is somewhat of a disparity between the origins of digital signage and […]

Kicking it New School: Top Ten Reasons to Use Digital Signage in Education

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Strictly speaking, digital signage is an information distributor. It gives its operator the ability to broadcast messages of all types and forms. Consequently, melding digital signage into educational environments is almost a match made in heaven. Whether large or confined to one department, many college and university campuses worldwide already enjoy some type of signage […]

Difference Between Billboards, Kiosks, and Digital Signs and How it’s All Changing

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For many years there have been three seemingly separate industries whose revenues, deployments, and technologies have been somewhat compartmentalized. They’re almost the veritable fraternal triplets, separated at birth, who’re finally starting to make amends for the competing paths they have chosen to follow. The title of this post should immediately alert you to what I […]

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signage (Part Two)

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(continued from Part One) Fortunately for advertisers, newer LCD and LED technology have begun to replace plasmas in all applications where plasmas are less suitable.  LCD is an acronym for “Liquid Crystal Display.”  An LCD screen energizes crystal-filled cells to form a picture.  LCD technology isn’t new though, having been used in digital watches and […]

New “smart screens” set to replace New York payphones

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It is amazing to think that an old relic like the pay phone is still in existence.  As surprising as it may be, the City of New York still has around 12,000 of them.  As of May 2012, the city set out with the goal of repurposing them through a pilot program designed to retrofit […]

A Big Thanks to Our Digital Signage Partners

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We have digital signage partners both at home and abroad who have been successful in their technology deployments. Many of these partners have come to us directly through visits to the site or through other referring companies and partners. We have found great benefit ourselves in the partnerships we have forged with various companies who […]

Digital Multiplier Makes Proliferation and Promotion Natural

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Sometime ago I took a very interesting speed reading course wherein we learned tips and techniques for increasing your reading speed by 3X. I took the course in preparation for a standardized test, hoping it would help with my comprehension and reading ability. It was a very mind expanding course in which I learned a […]

Flypaper and MediaSignage team up for the perfect Digital Signage solution…

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Flypaper has mastered content creation for the masses while MediaSignage had proven to be the world’s most popular Digital Signage platform. Combine the two and you’ve got a winning combination. MediaSignage is proud to partner with Flypaper and we hope to see you at the our joint Webinar this Wednesday. So be sure to register […]

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