Free Digital Signage

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Most of us had gotten used to Free Online services. We use free services which are very nice online web applications and sometimes don’t appreciate all that we are getting. Google Analytics, Free email, Free Storage, Free social networks, Free DocStok doc sharing, Free OpenDNS and more more more all FREE. These companies provide […]

Digital Signage is going strong….

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General spending was down on most traditional media in the first quarter of 2008 but as you can see below, Oudoor advertising is performing well .( better than most other traditional media ) , and even maintained positive growth, says OAAA’s weekly newsletter Outdoor Outlook, citng Robert Coen’s July 2008 report on advertising expenditures. (OAAA is […]

It’s official. Free Digital Signage on October 1st 08

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We are done fooling around. We tested and tested and got most of the show stoppers out. We fill the software is ready for prime time. In Store advertising is what you need to get a quick ROI and we got a free solution ready to deliver on Oct 1 08. Stay tuned.

Why Consider a Digital Signage Solution

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 In recent years, many business owners have made a leap of faith and ventured into installing a digital signage network in their real estate. Many of them failed, some succeeded, some – succeeded big time. The prospect of boosting one’s business with digital signs is so enticing that digital signage suppliers are being overwhelmed with […]

Digital Signage Software as a SaS is here now !!!

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Software that you have to install, update and troubleshoot may be ok for a word processor but just wont cut it for Digital Signage. Digital Signage has to be stable and has to work 24/7. Traditional narrowcasting is powered by Digital Signage players. With MediaSignage our Digital Signage is powered by a web interface so […]

Ready to go public beta anyone ?

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We hope to release to public beta by Sep 28… Stay tuned. Sean

MediaSignage is now in Private Beta

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Wr are now in private beta and if you wish to join be sure to contact us @: Sean.

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