Why Restaurants Shouldn’t Operate Without Digital Signage

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Digital Menu Boards, Industry, Menus

Digital signage technology is becoming more and more popular today in our digital society. While it is still somewhat of a new concept, and we’ve only begun to see how it can benefit businesses, it has already provided many businesses with a lot of great benefits. For example, let’s take a look at the restaurant […]

What Percentage Share of Digital Signage will Be Restaurant Digital Menu Boards?

Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Digital Menu Boards, Menus

When it comes to garnering business for this industry, we’ve seen our fair share of requests. What we’ve found most interesting is the ever-growing prospects coming from the quick service restaurant industry. Digital signs in restaurants make some of the most sense for someone using this technology for a number of reasons. First, restaurants need […]

Advantages of Digital Signage in the Food Industry

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Menus

Walking into a food vendor can be particularly overwhelming. Each place seems to have signs that stretch all the way across one wall listing meal after meal. If the place offers breakfast items, has an associated bakery, and/or has “deals of the day,” one could spend twenty minutes staring at the stretch of wall and […]

Four Creative Ways for Your Restaurant to Use Digital Signage

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013 in Menus

The flexibility of digital signage lets you use them in ways that were an impossibility just a few years ago. These new possibilities are available to all sorts of businesses from those with little more than lint in their pockets to those with ultra deep pockets, such as the Munich Airport where the Meta Twist […]

Colors, Hues, Contrast and Brightness for Content Aesthetics

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Content, Insight, Menus

Options abound when it comes to digital signage content. Done well and your screens will be a success. Performed poorly and you most assuredly wasted money on the hardware and software. The multiplicity of options for proper content includes more specific reasons for different hues, colors, contrast and brightness. Let’s delve into more specific detail […]

Still Using a Laptop as a Digital Signage Player?

Posted by on Mar 8, 2012 in DOOH, Menus, Players

A while back, I visited the Dole pineapple plantation in Hawaii. The plantation is quite amazing really. It is located on the island of Oahu. The plantation is now a destination spot for tourists from around the world to come and see what takes place in the process of producing pineapples. The farm comes complete […]

Casinos, Nightclubs & Bars

Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in DOOH, Menus

There will most certainly come a day when digital signage will be everywhere. But, there are specific venues that will not only survive, but will absolutely need digital signage. This sector includes all those who manage casinos, bars, nightclubs, gambling, and gaming. Why will digital signage be a necessity here? certain venues that will not […]

The Restaurant Experience of the Future

Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in Digital Menu Boards, DOOH, Menus

Here are some of my thoughts on the restaurant experience of the future. This post includes nothing on digital menu boards, but is mostly a post about the potential power of tablet menus. I would really like feedback on this one… Social media integration with handheld tablet restaurant menus will be of supreme importance. Let […]

Eliminate a Waiter

Posted by on Apr 7, 2011 in Menus, Tablets

These videos come to you from the LaGuardia Airport, Chicago. A friend and associate passed these along and I thought we should post them. Just one example of what you can do with the software. You can order directly from the tablets and click through to see various menu items. My apologies that one of […]

Yelp Integration

Posted by on Apr 6, 2011 in Menus, Tablets

Social media will eventually become a high-priority requirement as restaurants continue to implement tablet menus. Without integration with social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and especially Yelp, businesses

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