Why to Push for a Diversified Marketing Strategy

Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in Advertising

Digital signage! That’s all we ever talk about here! Maybe we should change it up and talk about something super random like South African dung beetles. I am sure, however that visiting the digital signage blog means you are interested in digital signage solutions and not random quirkiness. This post is going to have information […]

Cost, Quality, Speed

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Advertising, Insight

When we get a request in for a specific project I’m always surprised at some peoples’ lack of understanding of how “things” work. Not business or digital signage specifically, but how “things” in general work. Common sense things like putting the seat down when you are done so you can have a more blissful domestic […]

Vatic News

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Advertising, DOOH, News

vatic ? VAT-ik  ? adjective : prophetic, oracular Digital Signage Association’s New PR and Marketing Chair Tim Burke of Electronic Art is now the new public relations and marketing chairman for the Digital Signage Association. “Our industry has grown tremendously in the past three years and is expected to double in size by 2012. I want […]

Razor and Blades: Digital Signage Business?

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Advertising, DOOH

Digital signage network operators have struggled for sometime to determine what the best business model is in digital signage. Recent studies have shown that the next couple of years the money inflow will not be in the advertising. Hardware and software sales, on the other hand, are expected to grow substantially, doubling the industry’s footprint […]

McSignage — McDonald’s Digital Menu Boards

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Advertising, DOOH

flocculate ? FLAH-kyuh-layt  ? verb : to aggregate or coalesce into small lumps or loose clusters Harris and Orlando Magic Install Signage Network Another sporting venue is now feeling the digital signage love train. The Orlando Magic recently installed a state-of-the-art digital signage network: “We are pleased to team with the Orlando Magic to create this […]

Paco Underhill: Prophetic on Signage

Posted by on Jul 1, 2011 in Advertising, Displays, DOOH

Paco Underhill’s Why We Buy has an immense amount of insight into digital signage–particularly store layout, content loop times, and audience targeting techniques for the retail space. It’s an excellent read for those looking to understand more fully how we can make digital signage a more effective message delivery tool. In the book, Underhill gives […]

Click Fraud Increases Bode Well For Digital Signage

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011 in Advertising, DOOH

Well, some good breaks have come of late for digital signage, including some independent reports that pay-per-click fraud for internet advertising is on the rise and not going down. ClickForensics, an independent analysis company, has determined that although the major search engines have increased their policing of click fraud in various ways, it still continues […]

Definition: “Digital Signager”

What is a digital signager? Please read our simple definition below. Definition:  Any human who engages in digital signs or digital signage. This could include but is not limited to the following: software developers, content creators, sales engineers, salespeople, advertisers, brand managers, IT personnel and business owners. A digital signager is a person who engages […]

Why are you so critical of digital signage tradeshows?

Posted by on Mar 27, 2011 in Advertising

I was having a conversation the other day with a fellow “digital signager” regarding the goodness and not so goodness of tradeshows and other industry events. He was blunt. He lambasted anything that had to do with an industry tradeshow, regardless of what industry you are in. He said they were always a big waste […]

Digital Signage: The Fallacy of a Superior Software

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in Advertising

Recently I met with Conrad Saam, a highly intense and capable search marketing expert. We spoke at length about some of his work at AVVO, a comprehensive directory for Lawyers and Doctors. He is currently their head of marketing and is an avid writer on some of the Internet’s most trafficked sites and blogs. Recently […]

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