Call Center Digital Signage: The Poster-Child of Corporate Communications

Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 in Announcements, Corporate Communications, Software

The following quote comes from an email from one of our customers:

At my last company, I made a decision to use MediaSignage for internal corporate communication and call center displays. I think MediaSignage has a bright future and there is a large market that is not being tapped currently in the above spaces. The product needs a few tweaks, but the solution is almost center digital signage

I couldn’t agree more. I also agree that there are many other “large markets” that are certainly under-served when it comes to robust signage solutions. Call centers, however, represent a unique opportunity for the digital signage market in that they’re largely overlooked by call center management for implementing such solutions. While we may dive into such in later posts, let’s focus on some of the benefits and opportunities digital signs may provide your typical call center, making digital signs in call centers, a true example of how digital signs can best be used in corporate communications settings.

Let me illustrate the point by painting a personal picture…

A relative of mine currently works for Convergys. He assists the likes of large corporations like Microsoft “fill seats” in call centers from India, the Philippines and the United States (now they’re also moving into South America). Their demand for “seats”–as it’s called–changes YOY and during peak demand for support and sales of specific products. For instance, Microsoft RFPs or SOWs fluctuate depending on product releases and will change depending on how well demand and support was forecast.

Sometimes, like in the case of Microsoft’s most recent xBox release, demand for call center support saw a significant spike. This spike needed to offset by a greater number of “seats” in various call center locations. This is one of the ways in which digital signage comes into play.

Apart from operators’ individual desk console and call center software, the management of personnel in the room as a whole can be assisted with the use of smart digital signage software.  Newly hired staff can be more easily reminded, alerted and trained using a combination of corporate training videos, call center site updates and schedule displays via the LCD.

In the case of telesales or telemarketing call centers, the display can be used as a sales boost tool. In fact, in many instances it can be used as an automated version of the telesales center whiteboard. In a former life I helped run and operate a telesales call center. We tracked sales numbers on a whiteboard at the front of the room. Because sales were tied to incentives and general competitions for sales personnel, it became an important aspect of the office. Digital signage can automate and improve upon this type of signage, without much added expense–especially if you’re using free software.

Most may not realize the shear size of the call center market because they may not either directly see some of the centers themselves or know how large it truly has become. I’ve been to several Convergys facilities in the United States. They’re massive, but they’re minuscule when compared to some of those in the Philippines and elsewhere. When our customer intimated there is an untapped market in call centers for digital signage, he spoke from experience. In fact, if you’re truly interested in delving into the data, Deloitte has a great research report on the industry.

Because the typical call center combines the likes of corporate training, corporate communications, customer support and customer sales, using multiple means of communicating ideas can be helpful. Both new and experienced agents can certainly be internally-targeted in this way through digital signage software or something similar.


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