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Posted by on Jul 5, 2011 in Blogger

I am a firm believer of being active in product promotion. Not necessarily salesmanship, but an active role in speaking with actual individuals. That is sometimes why I struggle with my work on the digital signage blog. I like to think my work here involves people. And, it does, to a degree. But blogging is much more of a passive activity in product promotion. It’s something people find when they are seeking you out, not necessarily when you are seeking them. They, whether on accident or on purpose find you–not the other way around.

There have been some who, for whatever reason, think it imprudent to blog about themselves or their own products. While, others–on the other hand–feel the need to speak about everyone else–for good or ill. I can honestly say I have been guilty of both. I defined a bit about the blog in my very first post.

Simply put, blogging is only part of a large interconnected web of marketing and advertising ploys I work at. Frankly, I am not concerned whether company XYZ has a blog that is simply serving as a place for them to tout about their own solutions. In fact, you would expect that from a company. The reason they are on the web is so people can find them–it’s that simple. If every blog were simply to write about “best practices” for A, B, and C in digital signage, how interesting would it be to only read about best practices from industry bloggers all day long? I know I get bored reading my own blog posts. They are dry and offer information only to those within the industry. And frankly, there are few within digital signage that really care to read every blog or news post. It’s not worth their time. It’s good to keep abreast, but they have important work to do that does not involve the business of their competition. This is not true of “news portals,” but it generally is true of company blogs.

I wish the blog could solve all of my problems, but unfortunately it does not. I’m am certainly grateful I do more than just post items to this site. Currently it occupies a small percentage of my time in comparison to the other in which I am involved. I will certainly keep on blogging, but I do not expect it to replace the person-to-person interaction I get on a daily basis.

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