Apple Digital Signage – Finally here!

Posted by on Aug 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Apple Digital Signage

The Mac already works brilliantly, and now coupled with the awesome SignagePlayer from MediaSignage, you get the perfect, smallest form factor Digital Signage Media Player. This is great as you can take advantage of the all-in-one Mac Mini. The Mac Mini is a very small computer that makes for a perfect Digital Signage Media Player. By providing full support for OS X, we are helping businesses that are built around the Mac platform … well stay that way.
The SignagePlayer and SignageStudio Desktop versions, SignagePlayer Web version as well as the SignageController are all compiled and designed to work flawlessly on the Macintosh.

This means that you can manage all your remote Mac Minis directly from your favorite Mac workstation. And, you don’t have to feel like an outcast. With MediaSignage you always receive the latest software updates just like the other Windows and Ubuntu users.

Best of all, if you ever need to mix other flavored operating systems into your Digital Signage network such as Windows XP, Windows 7 Ubuntu etc, that’s not a problem. Simply build your Digital Signage presentation once, on any platform; and have it run everywhere, it’s just the way we do things…

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