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Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Content, DOOH

I spent the better half of last Friday down at Amazon’s new facility located at the south end of Lake Union. For those not familiar with the area, it’s a really nice set up thanks to Microsoft mogul Paul Allen. The Amazon campus is just being finished and the same block even includes a Tesla Motors dealership. While there I chatted with a number of startup companies who work in the same area, one by the name of ThinkFuse who just obtained about $500K in startup seed cash. But now I’m getting off track…

For those of you who receive and/or read some of the email announcements that come from, there was something–which I usually would have deleted right away–but which piqued my interest. The book was entitled “How to Set up Internet TV systems.” I realize the book was completely tailored to me because of previous purchases I’ve made on their site, but what if Amazon decided to get into the digital signage space? Would it be difficult? Not at all. In fact, they’re working so hard on implementing their cloud computing options for both enterprise and the SMB. In fact a friend of mine works in that division and just helped them to launch into Japan–about a week or so before the tragic earthquake rocked that country.

My initial question remains: how hard would it be for Amazon to enter digital signage? They would just need some software and initially, it wouldn’t even have to be their own…

It would simply be another way to get into the brick-and-mortar space with advertising and compete with brick and mortar without actually being brick and mortar….That’s another interesting thought all together.

With statements like “let’s drop the E from eCommerce” and other crazy notions cropping up, it would seem that eCommerce is trying to become more real commerce. Amazon itself has jumped into the home delivery business with AmazonFresh. Another good friend of mine currently works there and they are feverishly trying to perfect that model so as to expand it.

I personally doubt Amazon will jump into this space, mostly because it does not yet seem to fit into their plan of attack. Of course, I’m sure iTunes never would have suspected that Amazon would come in either. Just an interesting thought I had this morning.

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