AIR vs WEB Digital Signage Player

Posted by on Sep 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

We have received lots of questions on “The difference between our AIR and WEB Studio and player”

In short, AIRPlayer and AIRStudio require a quick installation and are desktop application versions.
WEBPlayer and WEBStudio do not require any installation and you can start using them without installing any special software on your PC.

If you are a serious Digital Signage user we recommend you use the AIR versions of out software apps.
WEBPlayer is a great way to embed you Signage in a web site.

However if you are gonna run a dedicated PC running Digital Signage you should use the AIRPlayer.
Also, for the AIRPlayer you get (1) free license. The WEBPlayer in unlimited licences.

If you have more questions please post on the Forum so we can help out…



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