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Posted by on Aug 29, 2011 in Advertising

There are entities that are into serious digital signage advertising and they can take full advantage of the software now available that allows them to maximize the use of the hardware, digital signage screens, and supporting apparatus they have setup in various locations. The needs of clients can be fine tuned with the degree of control now present in delivering content.

Those  that  have a network of digital signage purposely for their own products to be advertised can still earn revenue streams from digital out of home advertising. The ability to instantly manage the content and the freedom to change the content at any given time mean that these companies can easily squeeze in advertisement from outside companies who may well want to use the digital signage network already in place.

Both entities benefit from this relationship since one of them gets to earn income and defray expenses in setting up  and maintaining the network, while the other party no longer has to spend more money in setting up the physical network necessary to advertise the product to a broad audience. A new product line of beverage or coffee that can be advertised through a chain of quick serve restaurants is one example of how two companies can benefit from this setup.

What more, the advertisement can be tweaked for the local setting or more national in scope. One just has to look for the right partnership and there may be variations available on how the setup will be executed. Even before the arrival of digital signage advertising these scenarios can exist, but the ease and speed in which it can be executed is far superior to the olden days where you had to tear down the advertisement you once had and put up another one. The man hours and time to deliver the new advertisement content to each outlet have been significantly reduced.

Whether we are talking of thousands of digital signage screens or one screen in a single restaurant advertising income is made possible with the technology now available.



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