Advantages of Digital Signage in the Food Industry

Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Menus

Walking into a food vendor can be particularly overwhelming. Each place seems to have signs that stretch all the way across one wall listing meal after meal. If the place offers breakfast items, has an associated bakery, and/or has “deals of the day,” one could spend twenty minutes staring at the stretch of wall and still not know what to order. The consumers who are new to a vendor, and consequently the most vital to make a good impression upon,  can find themselves pausing awkwardly in front of the cashier while consumers who are regulars to the place find themselves waiting and growing more irritated with the person in front of them. Due, in part, to these problems the food industry has found digital signage to be particularly useful.

Digital signage allows for a myriad of information to be stored in a physical area smaller than it could be written. For example: in a traditional menu system there is a limited amount of space and thus descriptions of meals are confined to a sentence, at best, with a  listed price. If a consumer happens to have selected a health conscious business, there may be one additional line added to disclose calories. But what about the actual ingredients in the bread of your hamburger bun; or how many calories of that meal are coming from fat; does the vendor offer a gluten free option of this meal? None of these questions can be answered on a traditional static sign simply because it would take up the entire menu and leave no space for the 25, or so, other meals. Given the interactive nature of digital signage gives companies the freedom to still have a relatively confined visual space for information in which they can write their short blurb about a meal but also allows for additional searches into the menu. An ability to answer any questions a consumer may have without an employee present consumes less time at the register which could potentially reduce the bottle neck in any line.

In addition to the benefit of answering consumer questions without an actual employee’s presence, digital signage can also be incredibly beneficial in advertising “meals of the day” or “deals of the day”. Instead of having a tacky white board or chalkboard that can be erased and replaced each day with the necessary information, vendors can upload all needed information and with the click of a button have the next day’s deals wheeled out for the consumers to see in seconds. Digital signage can save business hours of labor. It may only take 15 minutes for an employee to write down the day’s meals and deals but over the course of one month, that would equate to seven and a half hours of labor that could have been spent elsewhere in the business.

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