Adjusting Signs for the Seasons

Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Content

It goes without saying that the content on your digital signs is like dirty underwear, it should be changed regularly. The frequency of the change will certainly differ from screen to screen and venue to venue, but the principle of keeping things fresh is a best practice few follow as religiously as they should–in part because of the expense and in part because it’s easy to justify when no meaningful metrics are in place to say otherwise. Changing seasons is the perfect time and excuse to alter the content for your digital displays. Holidays, daylight savings and other seasonal changes are upon us fairly quickly. It’s a time of year that I love–changes in the weather, the leaves and time with family. The content on your display can help mirror peoples’ love for the seasonal changes we’re encountering. Here are a few pointers to keep things simple.

seasonal content

  1. Loop Interjections. Without exception, most signage is set up on a looped program with scheduled interjections that match the promotional desires of an advertiser or simple informer. Exchanging current interjections with holiday greetings, reminders of holiday sales, special products and even non-promotional items showing the sign is at least cognizant of the seasonal changes.
  2. Recycle It. Seasonal content is often timeless content. That means it can easily be recycled from year to year, saving money on creation and time on uploading and formatting the content on the server. I’m a big fan of recycled content and seasonal content is one of the best ways to do it.
  3. Get Creative. I’ve seen some displays decorated on the outside with everything from fake autumn leaves to plastic holly berries. There are even companies whose sole purpose is to provide regular changes to the static portion of the sign–specifically on the boarder. Today’s narrow-bezel displays make this reality a bit different, but the concept holds true: stay creative on how you adjust your signs for the seasons and the eyeballs will follow.

In a world where the only constant is change, the static and unchanged will be left behind. The same holds true for your digital signage content. I highly recommend using the seasonal excuse to spend some time rethinking, reworking and redesigning some content that will be engaging to your audience, regardless of their frequency and viewership of your digital display network.


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