A Visual Experience So Intense…it’s Scary!

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Digital Billboards, Insight

Picture your favorite thrill at your favorite amusement park. Maybe it’s the clowns, maybe it’s the hall of mirrors or maybe even the haunted house. But regardless of what “thrills” you this Halloween, digital signage is generating such an intense visual experience…it’s scary!

Digital Signage is Entertaining 

Digital signage has done wonders for the entertainment industry. From movie theaters to 3D theaters to dance clubs and even gaming venues, digital signage has enhanced the user’s visual experience to a whole new level.

Sweet Like Halloween Candy


Speaking of entertainment, as Halloween creeps around the proverbial corner, digital signage can only intensify the experience. For those amusement parks that want to showcase their thrill rides and haunted houses, digital signage can reach out and tickle customers, grabbing and enticing their attention like a child to Halloween candy.

Thrills and Chills


So how can the entertainment industry boost its marketing campaigns and even its locations to really give customers an exhilarating and intense experience?

Here are some benefits to incorporating digital signage to enhance a user’s visual experience:

  • Larger than life digital boards and signs flashing with ads, images, streaming media
  • Interactive podiums where users can select and purchase tickets for movies, concerts, rides, or other events and even look up show times and schedules and peruse menus and order food
  • Keep customers and audiences updated and informed at all times by providing real-time updates

Interactivity is Where it’s At


Digital signage is all about engagement and interaction. Users and the modern buyer today crave that interaction, visual stimulation, and unique, thrilling experience that they can only get through technology and digital media. So why not take your marketing to another level with digital signage?

Expand the “Creep” Factor

Digital signage has provided endless benefits for customers, users, and businesses across the globe. From implementing it in sports arenas, movie theaters, concert venues, and amusement parks, businesses are bound to intensify their customers’ and users’ experiences. By using digital signage as a crucial vehicle for getting messages across to customers, businesses can also expand their “creepy” factor to another level—and get their messages in customers’ faces this Halloween!

For more information on how digital signage can help boost your business and become a crucial part of your marketing strategy and really create a unique visual experience for customers, contact an expert team member at Digital Signage today.


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