4 Thrilling Tactics to Entertain Customers with Digital Signage

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in Insight, Interactive, Kiosk

Technology continues to shape and drive our world…and our future. Or is it our world that drives technology? The digital signage industry is on the verge of change, but not necessarily because technology is about to shift again, but because consumers are looking for an “experience”.

Customers are more in control of how markets function than they might think. We weren’t kidding when we talked about how markets are all driven by user experiences (UX). And because we as a society are spoiled for having the world literally at our fingertips or in the palms of our hands when and wherever we want, we crave that interactive experience 24/7.

As a result, the display industry is trying to keep up and embrace these changes. According to a report by Market research firm NPD Display Search, digital signage industry expectations are increasing. The need for more interaction, connectivity, and enriching experience is driving this shift.

Rediscovering Creativity. More and more industries are discovering that display technologies are useful sources of information to customers, and customers to businesses. As a result, businesses have been forced to rediscover and reconnect with their own creativity in order to fully engage consumers in new and exciting ways.

Additionally, while some display technologies—such as displays and projectors—aren’t new pieces of technology, these are perfect opportunities for businesses to get creative on how to apply what we already have and know in order to meet new business goals and objectives—driven by our consumers.

Bringing Information to Life. Users want the same interactive, thrilling experience they get from their smartphones, tablets, and devices pretty much anywhere. Smart devices and content at the click of a button mean that public display technologies need to keep up in order to maintain a competitive edge and customers’ attention. As a result, the same experiences that consumers derive from their tablets and phones in mobile environments are now expected in digital displays.

Interaction and engagement. Much like an amusement park ride or going to see a new movie in a theater, customers crave that interactive, thrilling, and wild ride to complete their experience. These engaging experiences also create memories, and the memorable factor is crucial for businesses and how they interact with customers and also how they make an impact on customers’ daily lives.

Digital Signage for the Win. Many industries are getting in touch with their creative sides and really using what they know, revisiting their own tools, and getting in touch with creativity in order to boost their image in order to better interact with customers.

Some of the industries that are really embracing digital signage technology today include health care, restaurants, public transportation, education, and even museums.

For more information on how can you make your customers experience a thrilling one, contact Digital Signage today to see how you can take advantage of digital signage technology.

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