4 Marketing Technologies Your Business is Probably Missing Out On

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 in Insight

Businesses can’t think of marketing today without marketing automation. But what the heck is marketing automation and why is it all we hear about today? Marketing automation is a streamlined system in place that boost quality leads, strengthens customer and influencer relationships, and even streamlines business’ marketing strategies.


Marketing technologies are the key behind marketing automation today. In fact, marketing automation and technology work together to conquer several main business goals:


  1. Measure and track marketing and lead generation performance by KPIs
  2. Determine which marketing strategies are working and which aren’t
  3. Streamline marketing, saving businesses both time and money
  4. Improve marketing activities and improve ROI
  5. Boost quality lead generation


In fact, according to Fortune, it is estimated that businesses will spend an upwards of $120 billion by 2025. And here are the different types of marketing technologies that businesses have on their radar to further invest in marketing automation.


In order to implement a marketing automation system that works, businesses also need to use technology. Remember, the keys behind marketing automation are technology, a process, and people.


Here are some marketing technologies that businesses should be investing in:


  1. Software for measuring campaign effectiveness Marketing automation typically involves using software in order to track, monitor, assess, and analyze analytics. This data tells a business:
    1. Who is trolling their websites
    2. Who is reading their content
    3. Who is opening their emails and when
    4. Who their audience is

By being armed with this data and information, businesses can not only tell who their buyers are but how to engage with them, boosting lead quality and lead generation.


  1. Platforms for distributing “authentic” content Once you understand who your customers are and details surrounding their purchase decisions and buying process, then you can tweak your content strategies appropriately to fine tune your inbound marketing approach. By delivering “authentic” and “dynamic” content, you are targeting your specific buyer persona and attracting them to your business.
  2. Predictive sales and lead generation technologies You can’t generate leads without lead generation technologies. By implementing a robust lead generation tactic—and closing the gap with software and a service—businesses are bound to see a jump in leads. Sales and marketing teams can use these technologies and software in order to identify new and upsell sales opportunities, identify and predict sales trends, and even score leads accordingly, enhancing sales tactics.
  3. Digital signage and software Digital signage is one marketing technology that more and more industries are incorporating in their establishments. In fact, many businesses are investing in digital signage in various industries—such as the restaurant industry, health care industry, the education industry, and even the public transportation industry.


Marketing trends are all about innovation. Today’s marketing technologies are fueling businesses, boosting leads, and putting businesses on the large, digital map.


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