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Today we released the new Billing portal and shopping cart to the web site. This will add great benefit to our worldwide customer base.
Some of the advantages include:
• Enterprise customers receive automatic discounts on products purchased
• Login to the cart with your existing mediaSERVER provider user name and password OR Enterprise account credentials OR free user studio login name and password
• Quick checkout process with existing info saved securely in the cloud
• Billing portal allows to view current order progress including status
• Billing portal allows to view order history including enterprise subscriptions and print receipts
• Billing portal allows to order mediaSERVER licenses
• Billing portal allows to update billing and shipping info before any order is shipped

Visit the links below to learn more:

Order DigitalSignage products

View cart

Billing portal

At MediaSignage we are continuing to improve your overall product experience and with the new billing portal and shopping cart you can receive discounts, checkout faster and track your history effortlessly.
Once again, thank you for your business!

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