3 Ways to Get the Best Return on Digital Signage

Posted by on Feb 13, 2016 in Insight

Digital signage might still seem like new, uncharted territory. But the truth is, digital signage has been around for decades. So why are only beginning to really see it around now? Business and consumers have only seen a shift in digital marketing technology in the last ten years or so that has really begun to embrace digital signage. Businesses and even consumers are often still surprised to drive down a highway or enter a restaurant and see a large digital billboard.

Now, today, marketers and businesses face new challenges in regards to content management, social media marketing, and even measuring marketing ROI, and how all of it ties in an effective marketing campaign that uses digital signage as an effective medium. Some businesses and marketers might be “driven” away from digital signage in fear of the high costs to install, set up, and maintain such awesome technology.

But the truth is digital signage is not only affordable, some software is even FREE.


  1. Do Your Homework. You just need to do your research. As a digital marketer, you probably already know about the value of conducting good, solid research. This doesn’t change with digital signage. Find the best companies who offer the best software and technology packages. Be sure to also keep one eye out on your competitors and check out what they are doing and how they are using digital signage. What can you do differently to stand out?
  1. Don’t Forget About Analyses. During the fourth quarter of 2014 and even through the first half of 2015, the world of marketing was hugely focused on BIG data. While BIG data is still important, marketers have learned that BIG data is just too overwhelming.

Most marketing teams—and even content management teams—are often teams of one, or very few, so managing “all that data” has become an overwhelming task. As a result, BIG data has turned into actionable data. What analytics should marketers and businesses focus the most on? What insights should they pay attention to? What can teams learn about their audiences from data? How can they turn this information into actions and put them back into their marketing campaigns?

  1. Do Be Open to Changes. In the world of marketing—and content marketing especially—there are a lot of changes. Marketing teams need to be flexible and be able to adjust to changes and challenges as they arise. If your marketing team and business uses digital signage, it’s important to pay attention to which content messages work with audiences, and which generate the most “response”, and which don’t. Then, focus your efforts on what works. This will not only teach your team about your buyers, it will also improve ROI.

Finally, the marketing world is constantly changing, and it can be overwhelming to try and keep up with the changes and shifts in digital trends and technology. But by embracing digital signage and fine-tuning your digital marketing strategies accordingly, you can make digital signage not only work for you and your buyers, but it will also boost ROI—especially if you work with a SaaS organization that offers a free version of digital signage software.

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