3 Small Ways to Change Your Digital Marketing Strategy That Will Make a Big Difference

Posted by on Apr 23, 2017 in Insight

Marketing has changed considerably in the last decade. In fact, it’s even changed considerably in the last 12 months! Marketing is now powered by technology, data, and analytics, which has pushed marketing further from the “art” it used to be. Marketing has changed so much that many marketers feel that creativity has been replaced with technology and data, making marketing more complicated than a high school Algebra class.

Although marketing is certainly a different world today, this isn’t to stay that there is no longer any room for creativity. This simply means that marketers need to get, well, more creative with how they use technology. One example is with digital signage.

Read on to learn more about how marketers can leverage digital signage technology while also still use creativity to deliver a valuable campaign.

  1. Make long-term investment decisions in digital signage. The first order of business is marketers need to stop making short-term investing decisions about marketing technology, such as software, digital displays, and other equipment. If investing in marketing technology is a crucial part of your digital strategy, then go for it; however, it’s also important to consider the long-term value of your strategy, building a brand story, and how digital marketing technology fits in with developing that brand.
  1. Use digital signage to reach people. Buyer behavior is constantly changing, which makes this is a huge challenge for many marketers. After all, the customer experience is where it’s at today. As a result, businesses today are trying to adopt a customer-centric approach that enhances the customer experience and puts customers first.

For example, one way that entrepreneurs can creatively leverage digital signage to enhance the customer experience is by installing self-service digital kiosks in retail locations, restaurants or other public venues. These kiosks enable customers to look up product information, deals and discounts, menus and nutritional information, making their experience with your business one to remember.

  1. Creativity you can measure. Although the push for data and analytics is enough to make your head spin, the measurability of digital marketing helps marketers and businesses to determine what is working and what isn’t. This gives businesses and marketers an opportunity to creatively brand themselves in new ways.

It used to be that marketing was measured by increased sales and an influx of customers. However, the digital environment has made this more complicated. Today, the ability to measure data and adjust digital and content strategies almost immediately provides more value to the business in terms of effectively reaching and engaging with customers in real time and even boosting marketing ROI.

Digital Signage offers a free platform that provides users with a wealth of data analytics and tools to help marketers measure the overall effectiveness of an ad on a single display to the effectiveness of a complete digital campaign.

Marketing is About People

Many marketers often find themselves fully immersed in conversations with more complicated acronyms and technical speak than a room of trained medical staff performing surgery. So many marketers and businesses have become so inundated with technology and data that they have forgotten what marketing is truly about: people.

All in all, it’s important for marketers to remember that technology is merely a resource designed to provide support for your marketing campaign. Of course, a good digital marketing strategy should be measured and tested, but there’s a lot that can be said (and understood) for a digital ad that truly reaches a person.

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