3 Marketing Hacks that Should Be in Your Strategy

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 in Advertising

Every job and industry has its challenges. But marketers face unique challenges. This is because the challenges for marketers involve societal shifts, twists, and trends, which are all tied to consumer behavior. As a result, marketers are constantly in a state of “agile” marketing, which means they must be ready to adapt as trends shift.

This can put a lot of pressure on marketing teams today—especially since many small and medium-sized businesses only have a marketing team of one. But here we discuss the top three approaches to marketing, and how marketers can use each one in their digital signage campaigns.

  1. Content marketing. Content marketing is one of the biggest pieces of the marketing pie today. Embracing content marketing for visual purposes can mean huge benefits for digital signage campaigns. There are many “visual” opportunities within the content marketing sphere that can boost a digital signage campaign.Visual content can be static and motion. For example, your content can include charts, graphs, and other images or memes that are all “static”, or you can incorporate GIFs, videos, and even emojis to boost customer engagement.A good piece of compelling content stop users from scrolling on their screens or stop them in their tracks or turn their hands as they pass by your digital sign or billboard.

    Read more here about how to use emotional content and visual content to boost customer engagement with digital signage.

  2. Agile marketing. Above we referenced the power of agile marketing. Agile marketing is a relatively new marketing trend that involves the skill and ability to shit and adjust marketing strategies based on consumer need, results, and performance. This marketing approach has a lot to do with change management, and the ability to embrace change and be flexible with content.For example, a marketing team (or solo-marketer) should be paying attention to trends and behaviors (and even Google’s algorithms), and constantly analyzing what is working and what isn’t and adjust strategies and priorities accordingly.
  3. Retention marketing. Retention isn’t a new concept by any means, but it is an area that requires more love and attention. Many business practices are focused on gaining new customers, with a little less emphasis on retaining existing customers. Retention marketing is about shifting that focus slightly and focus on marketing to existing This is especially important for eCommerce.Check out this site here to read more about retention marketing, and how you can make it work for your business and digital signage campaign.

Story Time

I’m going to share with you a story that happened recently as an example of the importance of retention marketing. The other day I received my cable in the mail from my provider that I’ve been with for approximately four years. When I opened my bill, which always causes a rise in my anxiety levels, I noticed a $10 increase in my bill. No notice. No explanation. Just – “pay us more”.

So I called to dispute the increase. The representative that I spoke to simply stated that because I had been a customer for as long as I had, all my “promotions” ran out. So I pay full price for a service because I’ve been a long-term customer? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Since when do businesses and providers “punish” long-term customers? How is this good customer retention?

I obviously use the example above as a consumer rather than a business, but this story can apply to any business and any situation—regardless of whether you market to consumers or other enterprises.

I also realize there is a huge difference between eCommerce and B2C service provider, such as said cable provider, but the “business basics” here are the same. Customer retention is a HUGE part of ANY business—no matter what industry, product or service you offer…

All in all, a solid marketing campaign should incorporate all three of the above approaches to marketing. Visual forms of content, retention, and an agile approach are all crucial to a successful digital signage campaign in order to boost results.

Learn more about your content marketing strategy here.

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