100 Digital Billboards Go Dark in L.A.

Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 in Digital Billboards, Displays, DOOH

digital billboard removal
In a move that looks more like politics than actual care for consumers, safety, environment and the spotted owl, it appears that the City Attorney will be pushing to remove 100 billboards owned by Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor. I’ve said it before, I’m less of a fan of the large-format digital billboards. They’re more of a blight and when CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel use their leverage to force the installation of these obnoxious devices, I can see why citizens–and the City Attorney–are working to shut them down. In fact, the up-for-re-election L.A. City Attorney is

“as mad as hell…”

“…not going to take it anymore…”

and wants to “…turn out the damn lights…”

It seems to be getting a bit hot-n-heavy. Digital Billboards certainly have their place, but an excess of just about any size, and type can be overkill at some point.

Of course, they’ll be singing a different tune when they need a full scale Amber Alert, want to catch the FBI’s most wanted, need to “save the ‘Hollywood’ sign” or simply want to promote city pride. It makes it more difficult to get information out in an immediate and timely fashion. But, if permits were shoved through and the people don’t want them, then I wouldn’t be against taking them down either

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